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The Bedtime Book of Animals (Hardcover, UK)

Take a Peek at more than 50 of your Favourite Animals

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    적립금 : + 350원

  • 배송비
    2,500원 조건별배송
    0원 이상 ~ 30,000원 미만 2,500원
    30,000원 이상 ~ 0원

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    인천 중구/강화/옹진 섬지역 4,500 ~ 6,000원
    충남 당진/서산 섬지역 4,000 ~ 7,000원
    충남 보령/태안 섬지역 5,000원
    경북 울릉군 전지역 5,000원
    부산 강서구 섬지역 4,000원
    경남 사천/통영/거제 섬지역 3,000 ~ 4,000원
    전북 군산/부안 섬지역 5,000원
    전남 여수/진도/신안 섬지역 7,000 ~ 8,000원
    전남 완도/고흥/목포 섬지역 5,000 ~ 7,000원
    전남 영광/보성 섬지역 4,000원
    제주 전지역 3,000원
    제주 추자면 7,000원
    제주 우도 6,000원
  • 상품번호
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  • Author
  • 출판사
    Dorling Kindersley Ltd
  • 출간일
  • 구성/판형
    Hardcover | 144 pages
  • 크기
    201 x 263 x 19mm 내외

      총 상품 금액


      (상품금액 원 + 기본옵션 원 )
      ■ 파본[B급도서]는 네이버페이 구매 불가

      ■ 네이버페이 구매시 동방북스 쿠폰/적립금 사용 및 적립 불가
      ■ 네이버페이 구매시 도서산간지역 추가배송비 별도(연락예정)

      A must-have illustrated introduction to the animal kingdom, including over 50 of the world's favourite animals!

      The Bedtime Book of Animals, a must-have animal reference book for all early readers who are keen to explore animals from all over the globe. Turn each page to find out more about a wide variety of animals, from teeny-tiny insects to gigantic elephants and whales. The Bedtime Book of Animals showcases creatures from each of the core animal groups (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates) in six dedicated chapters. Many pages are devoted to a different creature, with others featuring a collection of animals from the same family, and some explore more than one animal type, giving bite-sized chunks of accessible information to help early learners get to know new species.

      Discover beautiful illustrations, storybook text, and key terms highlighted on each page, this amazing animal book is a wonderful and comprehensive introduction to animals around the world. There are also reference pages that dive in deeper to explore animal classification, food chains, habitats, and even endangered and extinct animals.

      A fun-filled journey into the animal kingdom awaits you, promising:

      -A must-have introduction to a wide variety of animals from around the world
      -Introduces essential information about each species in a friendly, accessible way
      -Colourfully illustrated, with light annotation of key features
      -Reinforces early animal vocabulary, and builds awareness of connections in the animal kingdom
      -Fully illustrated, with a bright colour palette and fresh feel.

      From rabbits and red pandas, starfish to songbirds, endangered animals and exploring the food chain,
       The Bedtime Book of Animals is a beautiful, fully-illustrated non-fiction title, with evocative, engaging picture book text that can be read aloud - perfect for parents/carers and children to enjoy at bedtime. A must-have volume to add to every 3-5 year old's library, this is a one-hit introduction to animals, featuring more than 50 best-loved and lesser-known animals from around the world.

      Did you know that the topic of animals is universally popular and this is a tried-and-tested non-fiction genre, which can help to develop early understanding of the natural world in young readers, as well as developing soft skills such as empathy, kindness and care in 3-5 year olds? Perfect for parents and educators seeking to introduce core animal knowledge at a young age, including how to recognise animals, animal categorisation and key features. A friendly, factual, timeless gift book, 
      The Bedtime Book of Animals will be treasured forever.


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      The Bedtime Book of Animals (Hardcover, UK)

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